Anita Joseph and 2face

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, has berated Nigerian legendary singer, 2face Idibia, over his comment regarding cheating.

Naija News earlier reported that 2Face while speaking during a recent chat with Nadia in the second season of the Young, Famous and African reality show, said that men cheat on their lovers with women they don’t love because their genitals have a mind of their own.

The famous singer mentioned this in the presence of his wife. According to 2Face, most times when men cheat on their lovers with other women, it doesn’t mean they want relationships with the other women.

“Like it or not, men are wired like that. A man will love a woman to hell. But maybe he is somewhere, his dick would just decide something to f*ck,” the African Queen crooner said men just want to have s3x.

Nadia intruded saying: “No, his mind, not his dick. It’s not its own entity.”

2Baba retorted: “Okay, however, you look at it, he will f*ck. But he will not even give a f*ck about that person. He just wants to sort out that sh*t.”

Expressing surprise at 2face comment, Anita said, the singer is indirectly telling his wife, Annie that he won’t stop cheating.

She wrote: “Chaiiii in order words you’re telling her you won’t ever stop cheating ahhh, shallom sha, Odiegwu oh, Smh naaaaaaaa Mba nu 👀kaiiiiii Shallom”

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