Reactions As Bashir Ahmad Lists 20 Things Nigerians Would Remember Buhari For

With about three weeks to the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, one of his top media aides has taken to social media to list things Nigerians would remember Buhari for after his eight years in office.

Naija News reports Buhari’s special assistant on digital media, Bashir Ahmad on Thursday took to his Twitter account to list at least twenty things the President would be remembered for.

Buhari is set to hand over to a new President on May 29, 2023.

According to Ahmad, President Muhammadu Buhari will, among many other things, be remembered for:

1. Legislative Reform

2. Executive Orders

3. Infrastructure: Rail, Roads, Air and Sea Ports, Power, Housing, Water Resources

4. Ease of Doing Business Reforms

5. Digital Economy & Digital Identity

6. Oil and Gas reforms

7. Solid Minerals

8. Agricultural revolution

9. Social Investment and Poverty Alleviation

10. Education and Health

11. Fiscal, Trade, Monetary and Investment Reforms

12. Support to States

13. Creative Industry and Sports

14. Niger Delta Development

15. Anti-Corruption and Transparency

16. Law Enforcement, and Security and Justice Reform

17. Diplomacy and International Relations

18. Bilateral Highlights

19. International Appointments Held By Nigerians

20. Coronavirus Response

However, his submission has sparked mixed reactions with some Nigerians who believe Buhari failed disagreeing with his aide. Others however think the President performed creditably well.

Below are some of the reactions culled by our correspondent.

@nafiumohammad: Remove power sir, we will only remember his failure in that aspect.

@AkiimReid1: All these you mentioned were half baked and didn’t work. Failed people.

@fash360degree: Above ALL, Baba Buhari showed himself as a good example that ONE CAN STILL BE AN UPRIGHT LEADER/NIGERIAN even if everybody around is a crook.

His only failing is, underestimating politicians, Overtrusting appointees with delegations. Non reshuffling of cabinet. Yet Best HoS ever.

@HalimaBetara: May Allah reward Baba Buhari with Aljannatul firdaus.

@chiukwujioke: He failed woefully in everything.

@uchesm: He will also be remembered for bringing Nigerian from Top to Bottom.

@frvzzy: Literally almost everything
Baba has done good 👍🏾
Allah ya saka da Alkairi

@dr_laraba: And you will be remembered for telling series of serious lies like this one you typed to our faces, just to put food on your table. God dey Ooo…it’s well, you have only 18 days.

@Ofonmbukituh: 1 – 20 and massive corruption isn’t included?

@DrCharlesOdogwu: Education and Health, but he is in London to see his dentist. 😂


@Filio_Homo19: How does all these affect the increase in price of rice?

@FitJoe44: You forgot to add he’ll be remembered for traveling at every opportunity 😂, even when it’s not necessary for him to travel.

@Sydneychinedu1: Education and Heath reform; but he still travel to UK for teeth treatment, I wonder why you all don’t have an atom of shame in saying this.

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