P-Sqauare's Peter Okoye Reacts To Attack On Buhari In Kano

Award-winning Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, popularly known as Mr P, has wished he had become a professional footballer, despite being successful in the music industry.

Naija News reports that the singer in a post via Twitter said he was supposed to be a professional soccer player.

However, fate pushed him to music and he is grateful to be a professional and successful musician.

Peter Okoye said it might be fun to see what life brings out when it changes the direction of one’s future, notwithstanding, he still wished he was playing football.

He wrote, “Was supposed to be a Soccer Player or a professional footballer. But today I am grateful to be a professional and successful Musician/Artiste.

“When life changes the direction of your future, it might be fun to see where those new horizons take you. But l still wished I was playing football though God bless us all in all we do.”

Peter Okoye Shows Appreciation

Meanwhile, Peter Okoye of the P-Square group has stated that there are certain people he owes in his life.

The veteran singer explained that he owes people who have shown him kindness, helped, and even prayed for him.

The singer also added people who heard him in his silence, stood by him and favoured him among those he is owing.

He argued that he would not allow the popular conception of not being anybody to shape his mindset.

He wrote, “Every day I remind myself that there are certain people I owe.

“People who have shown me kindness, helped me, even prayed for me. I’ll never allow the media’s conception about not owing anyone to get me. These people, I owe them!”

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