Naira Scarcity: CBN Gov, Emefiele Should Go Now - Tinubu's Aide Tells Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been charged by the Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle to cancel the study leave reportedly granted to the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

The governor criticized Emefiele’s monetary policies, referring to them as a “disastrous naira swap policy” that has caused hardship for Nigerians.

In response to reports of Emefiele’s study leave, Matawalle emphasized the need for a peaceful transition of power and suggested that Buhari should revoke the leave.

Despite this, he praised President Buhari as a patriot, democrat, and a person of integrity.

While commending Buhari’s willingness to ensure a smooth handover to the incoming administration, Matawalle expressed concerns about other government officials who may hinder the transition.

He specifically mentioned the speculated study leave of CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele and urged the President to cancel it.

Matawalle said, “President Buhari and his wife Aisha Buhari have shown good faith and shown they want a seamless orderly and peaceful transfer of power to the incoming administration.

“They are eager to ensure that the new regime takes off smoothly and speedily and in a manner devoid of any encumbrance in the interest of our country.

“This is the right thing to do and I commend President Buhari and his wife for their statesmanly conduct.

“However, other officers in the government have acted in a different manner. They are behaving as if they want to put spanners in the work for the incoming regime.

“President Buhari should not allow this. He should frown at any attempt by any person seeking to damage the good job he has done.

“I want, here and now, to urge President Buhari to not approve any study leave or whatever kind of leave for any officer critical to the take-off of the incoming administration of Asíwájú Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“One of such person that has been speculated in the media to have sought a study leave is Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Emefiele.

“If the leave has been approved, as reported in the media, the President should cancel it in the interest of peaceful transfer of power, accountability and good governance.”

Matawalle argued that Emefiele should be held accountable for his actions during his tenure as CBN governor.

He criticized the naira swap policy and its negative impact on the economy. The governor believed that Emefiele’s request for study leave if approved, was an attempt to avoid answering for his actions.

The Governor said, “CBN Governor Emefiele superintended over the management of the country’s financial and monetary systems. He is the one who initiated and implemented the recent disastrous naira swap policy, the naira confiscation program, which put Nigerians through untold woes and trauma and set our economy backwards.

“Two of my brother-governors and I took the federal government to court over this ill-advised policy and fought resolutely until we got a respite for our people from Emefiele and company.

“This same Emefiele now wants to proceed on study leave when he has some 10 months left of his tenure apparently in a bid to evade rendering accounts. This is unacceptable.

“President Buhari should not countenance this. Emefiele must stay at his job to give full accounts of all that transpired under his watch to the incoming administration.

“He must answer all the questions the new regime may have for him particularly when he still has some months left of his tenure.”

Governor Matawalle further urged President Buhari to refrain from approving foreign postings or granting foreign trips to any outgoing government officials.

He claimed that some officers were planning to leave the country to evade accountability, which he deemed unpatriotic and dangerous.

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