Made and seun Kuti

Nigerian singer, Made Kuti, the nephew to embattled Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, has reacted to claims that his family abandoned his uncle.

Naija News reports that Seun has been in police custody since Monday, over an assault on a police officer over the weekend.

However, some trolls stormed the Instagram page of his brother, Femi Kuti, accusing him of not showing support to his brother.

Enraged over the claims, Made Kuti took to his Instagram page to share a photo of himself alongside his father, at the court premises.

According to Made, he dislikes posting things on social media to show or prove the family is doing everything possible to help his uncle.

The singer further advised the social media trolls to accept that there is much more to life than what people see on their phones.

He wrote: “At court yesterday, I don’t like that we have to post things on social media to show/prove we’re doing everything we can as a family. But here you go.

“Because of this many are cursing at us under my father’s last post, swearing at us for doing nothing. We just accept there’s much more to life than what we see on our phones”

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