Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has condemned the attack on a factional national chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Lamido Apapa.

Naija News recalls that Lamidi was greeted with boos and jeers at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal on Wednesday in Abuja by members of the party in the camp of the National Chairman, Julius Abure

The incident occurred outside the Appeal Court, venue of the Tribunal.

Apapa was subsequently chaperoned out of the premises by policemen amid the loud boos of party members.

Reacting to the incident, Omokri argued that such aggressiveness would keep on undermining the call for democracy in the country.

He maintained that the judges are less likely to pass a favourable judgement on individuals who behave in such a manner.

Omokri lamented that Nigerians often complain about police brutality but if given the same power as the police they would do worse.

Speaking further, the political analyst stated that there is a Seun Kuti in most people waiting to show up at the slightest provocation.

He wrote, “Guys, aggressiveness will not win this struggle for democracy. Instead, it will undermine it. Let’s be strategic. The PEPC judges are less likely to give judgment to people capable of jungle justice and more likely to side with people who comport themselves in an orderly and civilised manner over the matter before them.

“Almost daily, Nigerians come on social media to complain about police brutality. But look at what Nigerians did to Lamidi Apapa, a factional national chairman of the Labour Party at the PEPC today.

“If many of us are given the power the police have, we will do far worse than their complained behaviour. There is a Seun Kuti in most of us. It would have even been better to have ignored Lamidi Apapa if you disagree with him. Treat him like a pariah. But to mob him in front of a court? Very undemocratic.”

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