'It Was Not Because We Wanted Asiwaju' - Lalong Reveals Real Reason Northern APC Governors Supported Southern Presidency

The Plateau state Governor, Simon Lalong has disclosed details of the idea that resulted in the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate and eventually the President-elect of Nigeria.

Lalong disclosed that the northern APC governors who promoted the return of power to the south did not set out, particularly with Tinubu in mind.

Speaking on leadership and good governance at the ninth annual Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Lecture in Lafia, Nasarawa state, Lalong disclosed that the Governors set out to demand the return of power to the south because they believe in power rotation for the stability of Nigeria.

He added that it was the APC delegates that chose Tinubu during the party’s presidential primaries and then Nigerians voted for him during the presidential election.

According to Lalong who was the director-general of Tinubu’s presidential campaign organization, the governors asked the northern presidential aspirants to withdraw from the race for national interest, justice, and fairness and not because of Tinubu as a person.

The Plateau Governor said they believed Sir Ahmadu Bello would have done the same thing in similar circumstances.

He said: “When I led my colleagues – the northern governors – to push for power shift to the south, it was not because we wanted Asiwaju to be president. Rather, we wanted to ensure that justice and fairness prevail in our nation for unity, peace and harmony.

“That is what we believe our revered father of blessed memory, Sir Ahmadu Bello, would do in such circumstances. Fortunately, the party delegates chose Asiwaju who was eventually accepted by Nigerians as he was unanimously elected.”

Lalong added that the northern region “needs serious attention in vital sectors ranging from security, education, infrastructure, agriculture, economic revival and restoration of law and order in various areas that have been ravaged by insecurity”.

“It is heartening to note that the Northern Governors Forum, under my leadership, has done a great deal of work on bringing our people together as one people with a common destiny.”

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