A Nigerian priest based in Ghana, Fr Kelvin Ugwu has said that Chef Hilda Baci deserves more than a Guinnness record for the longest cooking time by an individual.

The clergyman noted that the same parameters used to judge other countries should not be used for Nigeria.

Recall that Baci had broken the record of 87 hours, 45 minutes set by Chef Lata Tondon in Rewa, India, in 2019 and set a new record of 100 hours.

Praising Baci, Ugwu took to his Facebook page on Tuesday to argue that environmental factors such as lack of electricity should be taken into cognisance.

He noted that rate of inflation in the country should also not be ignored.

The clergyman noted that Baci should also be awarded for her tenacity to overcome all the hurdles in a state like Lagos and bring her dream to fruition.

He wrote, “It is my humble opinion that Hilda Bassey deserves more than just a Guinness record for the highest cooking marathon of 100hrs.

“The parameters that are used to evaluate other cooks outside Nigeria, should not be the same for Nigerians cooking in Nigeria.

“Guinness’ record will have to put into consideration what she did to ensure constant electricity for four days and nights. That in itself is a Guinness record.

“How much is the cost of cooking gas? How much is the cost of ordinary plantain? All the items she used in cooking for four days, how much are they in Lagos compared to other places?

“One may argue that she had sponsors, but the ability to even attract sponsors in a country where many sponsors are already looking for a way out is in itself another Guinness record.

“Nigeria is hard. Lagos is harder. This was the Lagos that was asking non-indigenes to pack out and leave a few months ago. The ability to weather the storm, despite all opposing voices, and bring everyone together to, at least, temporarily, forget their tribes and religions and embrace our “Nigerianess”, is in itself another Guinness record.

“For me, the biggest Guinness record which she should be awarded alongside the one she already has, is her ability to do all she did in Sanwo-Olu’s Lagos.”

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