“If We Fail To Do So, Then Our Existence Is Useless - Obasanjo Sends Warning To Nigerians

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has emphasized the need for Nigerians to unite and join hands towards making the country achieve its full potential.

The former President noted that individually, each citizen of Nigeria is unique and always excels individually but beyond that, there is the need to harness the potential for the benefit of the nation.

According to him, however, without justice, equity, and fairness, no country including Nigeria can attain greatness. He added that making Nigeria better is linked with having the right kind of leaders.

The former leader warned that if Nigeria fails to live up to its expectations, questions should be asked of every stakeholder.

Naija News reports Obasanjo made the submission during the National Daily Awards in Lagos where he was the keynote speaker.

The former President also said the earlier leaders of Nigeria during the immediate post-independence era performed better in office than those after because they were determined to make the right decisions for the country.

“In fact, in making choices of leaders, I will say Nigerians of post-independence make the right choices of leaders. We all know that if your choice is right, the performance and consequences will be right,” Obasanjo said.

When the then Prime Minister went to the United Nations post-independence, the world referred to Nigeria as a giant in the sun, not even a giant of Africa.

“But the question is, have we lived up to that? If we have not, the question is why? Are there certain qualities that leaders in the post-independence era had that are absent in leadership today? We talk about values, have our values changed? What is Nigeria today, and what is the Nigeria we want? How do we get the Nigeria we want?”

“Over a long period of my life in peacemaking and mediation, I have come to realize that peace, security, and stability are essential ingredients for the development and growth of any country. Without justice, equity, and fairness, no country can attain greatness.

“When you look at us individually, there is something unique about Nigerians. Wherever they go, they excel individually. Today, when you look globally, Nigerians are doing great things individually. It’s time for us to unite and take the country to where it’s supposed to be.

“If we fail to do so, then our existence is useless. We need to make a difference so that we can leave behind a better society.”

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