Idan Doesn't Break: Tinubu Sends Message To Chef Hilda

The President-elect of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has sent a message of support to Chef Hilda Baci who is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for cooking.

Naija News reports Chef Baci is undertaking a cook-a-thon in an attempt to break the world record as the human on earth with the longest time spent on cooking.

Her effort is receiving massive attention and support from Nigerians both on and off social media.

Tinubu also joined the thousands of supporters and followers via the comment section of her Instagram live session to commend her effort and wish her success.

Describing her as ‘idan’ which is a street slang loosely translated as the real deal, the President-elect wrote: “IDAN doesn’t break, she breaks records. We are rooting for you Hilda.”

It is understood that the current holder of the title Hilda seeks to break is an Indian chef Lata Tandon, who set a Guinness World Record for cooking for 87 hours and 45 minutes non-stop in 2019.

Chef Hilda on her part is attempting to cook for 96 hours and break the current record of the human to spend the longest time cooking at a stretch by nine hours.

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