The head coach of Gombe United, Aliyu Zubairu, believes that the match official that officiated the game between his team and Bendel Insurance helped the Edo-owned team to maintain their unbeaten run.

Bendel Insurance went into the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) matchday 16 with 15 games unbeaten run and as leaders of Group A.

Fortunately for them, their away game at Pantami Stadium in Gombe on Sunday, April 30, ended in a 0-0 draw as Bendel Insurance maintain their unbeaten run.

After the scoreless draw, Zubairu argued that if not for the poor officiating of referee Babayanje Saed, Gombe United would have stopped the unbeaten run of the Edo-based club.

Hence, the technical adviser of Gombe United told reporters after the game that the league’s body ought to thoroughly examine all the decisions the referee made throughout the game.

Zubairu said that it was regrettable that the referee did not let the game develop naturally after doing his part to instruct his team on how to play.

“The attitude of the officiating referee in stopping the game intermittently without good reasons frustrated the flow of ball which affected my players’ performance on the pitch”, the coach said.

“The action of the referee created tension during the game and this affected the morale of my team and this made the visiting team to escape defeat.

“The referee did not allow the game to flow, the officiating in general. They were stopping the match with no reason and that was done more than six times.

“They were inviting unnecessary pressure, and I think the organizers should ask him why he did what he did.”

He added, “We did not play up to 70 minutes all through the game. Once the game was progressing, he (the referee) was always coming up with an antic to stop the game for a minute or two.

“The organizers should look into this. When the league started, the referees were doing well but, as for this referee, I don’t know what to say.

“If this is how they (Bendel Insurance) are getting the officiating to remain unbeaten, they will remain unbeatable.

“NPFL this season has been very good but I am sorry to say that if this is how Bendel Insurance have remained unbeaten, then it is a flaw.”

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