Obidients More Peaceful Than Buhari Supporters - Shehu Sani

An ex-lawmaker from Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, on Thursday, said he has fought for democracy before and is prepared to do so again.

With the new government’s inauguration approaching, the Citizen Action Movement is calling for urgent action to protect Nigeria’s fragile democracy.

Sani told ARISE TV that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has a history of not accepting election losses, often taking disputes to court.

According to Sani, this has led other parties to challenge the APC’s recent presidential election win.

Naija News learned that Sani, once an APC founding member, said the party used to protest and challenge other parties’ victories, including President Muhammadu Buhari’s previous losses.

He warned that APC’s actions could make people less likely to accept election results.

The former lawmaker said, “Our democracy is a product of struggle. people fought for it. people like me went to jail during the military rule. we made sacrifices and we see the ones who brought democracy to Nigeria. so we can’t fold our arms even if we don’t join political parties to contest and see this democracy dissolve on the platform of complacency.

“So I believe that as Nigeria moves to a new government, there’s the need for them to be reminded that they won the election to serve people and not a war that they’ve fought to conquer everyone.

“the fact that I was a member of a political party does not deny me the right to fight for democracy. I was at the forefront for June 12. we brought this democracy. this democracy is a product of what we fought for. I will fight for it again.

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