Nigerian-British boxer Anthony Joshua had the chance to reflect on the failed heavyweight bout between him and American boxer Jarrell Miller in an interview and didn’t fail to drag the boxer’s mother into it.

In 2019, Anthony Joshua, the division’s undisputed champion at the time, was obliged to face Jarrell Miller in Madison Square Garden in New York on June 1, 2019, to defend his three titles.

At their first news conference, Joshua and Miller got into a fight, with the American pushing the British boxer consistently.

The fight became more intense when Miller started making fun of Joshua’s mother. In his reply, Joshua identified himself as “the landlord” and claimed that he was paying Miller’s mother’s rent as retaliation.

AJ gave Miller’s mother, who was present at the news conference, gave a kiss from afar.

Unfortunately, the fight ended up not happening because Miller failed three drug tests and was disqualified from the bout. He was replaced by Ukrainian boxer Andy Ruiz who went on to beat Joshua to unseat the Nigerian-born British boxer as the heavyweight champion of the world.

Afterward, Joshua said in an interview shared on YouTube that he would be pleased to take care of Miller’s mother and refused to talk down the embattled American boxer.

Joshua said: “I didn’t wanna talk too much on the situation with Jarrell Miller because it’s not in my character to knock a man when he’s down.

“However there were a lot of things he said previously, in the press conferences and the build-up, so I wanted to crack him in his jaw.

“The lesson to learn in this situation is karma works in various ways and what goes around will come back around.

“I feel like he has taken fate and his blessings out of his own hands.”

He added: “Good luck to the kid Jarrell Miller whatever he does with his life. As I said, I’m not gonna knock him when he’s down.

“But he doesn’t even deserve to be in the ring with me or any other heavyweight right now…

“And by the way, to Miller’s mum, ‘I still love you and if there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know’.”

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