Brazilian kickboxer Alex Pereira might not be able to achieve his dream of fighting Nigerian kickboxer Israel Adesanya again since he is unable to trim down two pounds for UFC 287 (middleweight class).

Alex Pereira is unquestionably one of the most thrilling athletes to watch in the UFC. He has enjoyed two classes of glory in kickboxing and he is renowned for his brutal strength and aggressive fighting style.

However, following his most recent defeat to Israel Adesanya at UFC 287, some have questioned if he can stay active in the middleweight class.

UFC president Dana White recently discussed Alex Pereira’s potential to go up to the light heavyweight division in an interview. He said, “I think that Pereira probably moves to 205 after this fight. He’s a monster.”

White’s comment came after Pereira’s fruitless effort to trim down two pounds for UFC 287, where he was defeated by Adesanya in the second round.

Since Pereira has always been a powerful middleweight fighter, his switch to light heavyweight might mark a turning point in his career. Going up to 205 pounds might be the solution to his problems as he had trouble dropping weight to 185 pounds.

Pereira might move up to the light heavyweight division in the future, according to the Brazilian’s trainer Teixeira.

If Pereira moves up to light heavyweight, he might not have a chance to get even with Adesanya in the middleweight in the nearest future.

Pereira had previously defeated Adesanya twice in kickboxing before their UFC 287 fight in 2023.

After the fight, Adesanya encouraged Pereira to move up to light heavyweight and cause some problems there, but it is still left to be seen if the Brazilian will take to the advice.

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