A Max Air aircraft crash-landed at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja on Sunday, causing panic among passengers and airport staff.

The incident occurred after a tire reportedly busted into flames upon the plane’s arrival from Yola, Adamawa State.

The airport’s Aerodrome Rescue and Fire-fighting Service (ARFFS) quickly responded to extinguish the fire.

Dr Mike Ogirima, former President of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), described the incident, saying the tire burst took place after takeoff from Yola Airport.

Emergency officials were prepared in Abuja, putting out the fire before passengers disembarked directly onto the runway. Ogirima expressed gratitude, saying,

Ogirima said, “We thank God. We are still on the runway and the pilot has reassured us. He has called for the stairs and we are now disembarking from the runway to be evacuated to the airport building at the arrival hall.

“We bless God because we have witnessed the pull out of the tyre right from the airport in Yola and we went into a prayer session. I never announced it as a surgeon so as not to cause any panic but we bless God.”

All passengers were safely evacuated, and the runway was temporarily closed for the aircraft’s removal.

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