Popular comedienne, Anita Asuoha aka  Real Warri Pikin has asserted that most adults from her generation had traumatizing childhood experiences while growing up.

According to her, she would not encourage contemporary parents to raise their children like parents raised her own generation.

Naija News reports that the comedienne, while sharing her thoughts about parenting in a viral video said that contemporary parents will be full of regrets if they raised their children like the way most of her generation were raised.

She submitted in the video titled: ‘Pls let’s wake up as parents’, that “We cannot afford to raise our kids like our parents did. A lot of us had traumatizing childhood. We’re still broken, were still hurt; not healed. And subconsciously or consciously, we’re raising our kids like our parents.

“There’s no psychological safety around the space that they live in. You’re not a safe place for them to ask questions or talk to. A lot of things are happening in your house, to them.

“And in the next 26 or 30 years, they’ll tell you. And you’ll say, ‘Had I known’.

“Only up naim your eye dey. Na only to beat pikin you know. Only rough love you know. Emotionally, you’re unavailable.

“The only thing they have towards you is fear. That’s very wrong parenting.”

Also, it was gathered from The Nation that the comedienne in another post said  “If the only style of parenting you knw is to discipline yours kids, then you are heading for the rocks…

“You have to be a safe place and also be emotionally available for them….

Children are going truuuuu a lot…? Parents wake up!

“We can’t parents our kids the way our parents did Because all our parents knew was tough love. Pls let’s break the circle.”

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