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Donald Trumps youngest son, Barron Trump, received a standing ovation Tuesday at his fathers rally in Florida, USA, making it the teenagers debut on the campaign trail. Barron, 18, turned and waved to the crowd of 45,000 Trump supporters at his fathers Doral golf course as the former president praised him for his  ‘rising popularity’.This is a young man. He just turned 18  Oh, look at this, the 78-year-old former USA president said, stopping as the crowds cheers heightened. A very young man who is now going to college got into every college he wanted to and he made his choice, Trump continued. Hes a very good guy.This is the first time hes ever done this, Barron stand up, Trump said as Barron rose and gave the crowd a fist bump and wave.Thats the first time hes done it. Thats the first time, right? Youre pretty popular. He might be more popular than Don and Eric, we got to talk about that, the former president said. Welcome to the scene, Barron, had such a nice, easy life now its a little bit changed.  Barron Trump gets a standing ovation at the Miami Trump rally”This is the first time he’s ever done this” johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) July 10, 2024 Barron was recently seen riding in a golf cart with his father in a leaked video showing the former president slamming President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in the days after the June 27 debate.In May, the 18-year-old 6-foot-7 inches tall teenager was asked to be a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention, but he declined the request. The post Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron gets a standing ovation from 45,000 people at his rally (video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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