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Looking back at the 20th Annual Conference of WIMBIZ that took place in 2021 at the Eko Hotels, I remember the keynote speech delivered by Atedo Peterside, the Founder of Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc, Anap Business Jets Limited, and Atedo N.A. Peterside Foundation. His speech on building a legacy had a significant impact on me as a professional. Mr. Peterside emphasised the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to gain recognition and opportunities, whether through public speaking or writing. His message, particularly as someone in the public sector, deeply resonated with me and made me realise the pivotal role writing plays in career visibility and personal branding.

Reflecting on my recent conversations about the tangible results of my writing endeavours, I recognised the intrinsic value of this skill in shaping my brand and enhancing career visibility. A mentor recently asked me what encourages me to write, and my response was, “Writing empowers me to feel heard and offers a platform to influence perceptions positively.” As an inherently reserved individual, writing provides a medium through which I can express myself more authentically and thoughtfully, fostering self-awareness and introspection.

Why is writing important to a career professional?

Strategic Personal Branding

Writing serves as a potent tool for personal branding, amplifying one’s values, strengths, and passions to a broader audience. By articulating your thoughts and experiences, you attract like-minded individuals and opportunities aligned with your professional goals and aspirations. In a nutshell, your writing is often a reflection of who you are.

Enduring Legacy

Peterside’s insights underscored the enduring legacy that writing cultivates in one’s career journey. Whether as a policy analyst or in any other capacity, the written word forms a compendium of our experiences and contributions, shaping perceptions long after we have left the scene. Have you ever wondered why people write a memoir?


Whenever I write, I feel very vulnerable to the point that I’m sometimes in disbelief. This is because I find it easier to write about things that I’m less comfortable talking about. Writing allows me to be my most authentic self – it’s as if my thoughts flow directly from my heart to my keyboard, almost unfiltered. The vulnerability that comes with writing is what helps to build influence.


I believe writing is one of the most trusted ways of meditating. As you write, you think, and as you think, you progressively meditate on these thoughts. Meditation has proven to help in analytical reasoning – one of the skills most sought after by employers. While the discipline of writing demands dedication and perseverance, its transformative potential in shaping career trajectories cannot be overstated. As you embark on your writing journey, may this reflection serve as a beacon of clarity, guiding you towards the visibility and success you aspire to achieve as a career professional.


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