LP Crisis Deepens As Apapa Faction Asks Court To Sack All Party Lawmakers-Elect

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Wednesday disowned Lamidi Apapa, the factional Chairman of the Labour Party, labelling him a meddlesome interloper working on behalf of political actors who seek to undermine the party’s existence.

The NLC stated that any attempt to allow Apapa to impose himself as the Chairman of the Labour Party would be met with strong resistance.

The statement, titled “Labour disowns Mr Lamidi Apapa,” was released by Comrade Chris Uyot, Secretary of the NLC Political Commission.

The NLC condemned what it described as a shameful display by Apapa at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja, emphasizing the desperate actions of certain elements within the political class who employ deceit and criminality to divide and tarnish the Labour Party’s substantial reputation across Nigeria.

Expressing disappointment, the NLC highlighted Apapa’s unlawful behaviour, describing him as an impostor who falsely claims the position of Chairman of the Labour Party and purports to represent the Nigeria Labour Congress.

The NLC questioned the protection he receives from state institutions whose responsibility is to uphold law and order.

The NLC emphasized that the Labour Party, founded by the Nigeria Labour Congress over three decades ago, grants institutional membership to the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC). Representation of Organised Labour in the Labour Party’s leadership is determined by nominations from the leadership of the national labour centres affiliate unions, or state councils of the NLC and TUC.

The statement highlighted that the National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Oyo State Council of the NLC have completely disclaimed any affiliation with Apapa, disowning him and denying him the authority to act on their behalf within the Labour Party.

This raises the question of who Apapa truly represents within the party.

The NLC attributed the perpetuation of Apapa’s deceptive actions to political actors in Nigeria who wish to see the demise of the Labour Party.

They characterized him as a meddlesome interloper utilized by reactionary forces to deny Nigerians the benefits of alternative political ideologies and genuine national transformation.

The NLC Political Commission restated its previous statement disowning the factional leadership led by Apapa, firmly stating their intention to resist any attempt by him to perpetuate the shameful behaviour witnessed at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

The NLC urged Nigerian workers and the public to maintain faith in the judiciary as the guardian of justice and the last resort for the oppressed.

They also called on all progressive Nigerians to remain vigilant as the court case involving the Labour Party is deliberated by the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

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