Bisola Akinwunmi

Nigerian fast-rising singer, Bisola Akinwumi Grace, will on Sunday, June 18, 2023, launch her long-time album titled ‘Ile-Oba’, an inspirational project aimed at bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

During an exclusive interview with Naija News, Bisola spoke extensively on her journey into music, the choice of her brand manager, and role models in the gospel music industry.

The singer also said she is looking forward to a collaboration with her senior colleagues, Bukola Bekes and Tope Alabi.

1. Tell us about your music career and how it started?

My name is Bisola Akinwunmi Grace. I started with the children’s church choir. Proceeded to a praise team leader and after then, I had the calling to study music at the seminary school in Ogbomoso.

I used 4 years degree and after graduation, I started going for outreach, dropping some singles and ministering in churches and Revival

2. How long have you been singing?

I have been singing for 20 years.

3. What informs your kind of songs and how do you get inspiration?

It is God majorly and while I was growing up my mum usually put me through on how to sing and build my confidence. God also gave me the genre of music to sing too.

4. Tell us about your growing up years?

My mom was once a music director and my dad plays instruments. So it is safe to say we are singers in our family and we are all in the choir but my passion and calling makes it different.

5. What was your choice of career before delving into music?

I wanted to study law and when I got to the point of crossing to my own passion, God said no, that he has a path He wants me to follow and His will supersede my will. When I finished school around 2012, I waited for some years to be sure it is what God want me to do.

6. How did you feel the first time you performed before an audience?

My parents went for a drama ministration and I was asked to lead praise and worship during the programme. After the drama ministration, the pastor prayed for me and asked me to come back for another ministration, the congregation responded very well, and the power of God was evident.

7. Why did you choose your husband to be your manager?

My husband is the best for that purpose. When God brought us together, I know there is a purpose and we both understood the vision.

8. Let us talk about your new album

The album titled Ile-Oba was recorded in 2017 while we were in school but we didn’t release it. It is about calling souls to Christ and acknowledging that Good has paid it all and people should come and enjoy the goodness of God.

7. What do you hope to achieve in the music industry?

That soul will come to Christ through my songs and give them hope.

8. Who are your role models?

Bukola Bekes, Tope Alabi and I’m looking forward to working with Bekes in the future.

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